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Eddy - Owner:

Eddy Chambi, he has made the Inca Trail for more than 300 times and Eddy is one of the most famous tour guides in Cusco.
He has guided many tour treks and traditional tour leading to Machu Picchu, Eddy has a lot of passion about his culture and he is very passionate when he guides and he is very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna and also he has a spark, he is funny and above all he is very attentive to his customers.
Our guides:

All our guides finished the university to work as main Guides on hikes leading to Machu Picchu, and some of them have another profession.
All our Guides are experts in tourism with lots of information, with humor and above all they are very attentive ensuring you an unforgettable experience.
Each of our Tour Guides have excellent professional skills, great knowledge about the history and archeology of the Incas and they are fully trained in safety skills in case of any emergency. Our Guides are chosen for their years of experience and success with their customers.

Eddy Chambi

Head of the Department

The vast experiences obtained from his work as Ranger Inca trail and as Tour Guide led him to start Runas Expeditions.


(fun and very knowledgeable)

Started working 6 years ago on the Inca trail, he has a lot experience with a lot of information and he is fun and also he is very attentive.


(young tour guide but always happy to answer all your questions)

He is young but he has good skills as a tour guide and he is always there to help you.


(he has passion about his culture and ready to help).

He knows many places in Peru, has a lot experience in tourism and he is always talking the places to be visited.
All of them are waiting for you to give you the best experience ever lifetime.

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is a leader tour company in trekking excursions and traditional tourism to Machu Picchu. We will be working together to create you the best trip lifetime in Peru, All our tours are strictly operated by Runas Expeditions with the best professional team.