Sacred Valley of the Incas + Moray & the Salt Mines Full Day.

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Our Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour, this is a specially designed itinerary which no one else offers. We have created it, so you get to enjoy the best highlights of the Sacred Valley, Awanacancha 'it’s alpacas and llamas farm which also offer souvenirs’, the viewpoint of the Sacred Valley, the Pisaq ruins, the ruins of Ollantaytambo, the town of Urubamba for lunch, the archeological site of Moray and the Salt Mines of Maras, and finally the ruins of chinchero (visit the handycraft market in chinchero is optional). rather than just focusing on the various shopping centers. All of this is provided in a small private tour with a guide that is passionate about Inca history.

The area of the valley between Pisac and Ollantaytambo is known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas. On this tour we will drive through the mountains of the “Sacred Valley of the Incas” which held great significance in Inca Culture. The Valley has a milder climate than Cusco. You will see a succession of picturesque villages, agricultural terraces, and several archeological sites.

No other travel agency except Runas Expeditions visits all of these inca sites in one day Instead Of two days tour.

Pre-Trek Briefing:

The tour guide will meet you at your hotel one day before your tour to give you a briefing. They will tell you all about your tour, and answer any questions you may have. It is important to us that you ask any questions you may have so the tour guide will get you ready for your amazing tour.

Price: $230 USD Per group from 1 to 6 people (not per person).

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We will pick you up at your hotel at 6am, with our private van and head towards the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and then we drive to first place to be visited Awanacancha Alpaca farm (where you can see different species of South American camelids like llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas, also you can learn the process of the Alpaca wool). After that we drive to the mirador of Taray to enjoy a classic view of the Urubamba valley with crops dressing the mountains like a carpet. Onward, we drive to the archaeological site of Pisaq, where you can see the biggest Inca cemetery with more than 350 inca tombs. There we can admire the incredible farming terraces carved into the mountain, explore the Inca tunnel and the religious area of this important citadel. Here we will spend around 2 hours, exploring the Inca city.

Then we head back to the colourful market of Pisac, spend some time visiting it, and also you can purchase some souvenirs. Then drive to Ollantaytambo inca ruins, here we explore the archeological site for 1.5 hours and admire the water fountains, the Sun Temple, the Incahuatana and the impressive store houses. Afterwards we head to Urumbamba for lunch. After lunch, we continue with our tour, we will be visiting the Pre-Inca Salt Mines Maras Town and then to the archeological site of Moray (inca agricultural terraces). Afterwards we visit the last inca ruins called chinchero (temple of the rainbow). Finally, we will return to Cusco, dropping you at your hotel around 6:00pm.

Awanacancha Alpaca farm.

alpaca farm awanacancha where you will see Alpacas, Llamas, Guanacos, and vicuñas and your tour guide will give you background information and also your guide will show you the local museum of potatoes and a textile center.

Pisac Market & Ruins

In the town of Pisac, there is the largest handcraft and colourful market in the region of Cusco. Here you experience a vibrant atmosphere of communities, traditions and bartering. There are many handicrafts and textiles made in the true pre-Columbian style to purchase. Every Sunday there is also a procession of the mayors who go to church at around 9.30am to attend the traditional Mass held in Quechua. The archaeological site of Pisac, has the biggest Inca cemetery with more than 2000 tombs. There we can admire the incredible farming terraces carved into the mountain, explore the Inca tunnel and the religious area of this important citadel.


It is here in this beautiful, strategic spot, that the Inca Pachacutec built his fortress/sanctuary of Ollantaytambo. It is a beautiful setting and the hills that surround it hide some of the most impressive ruins in the Valley. It contains structures such as the Temple of the Sun, the Royal Hall, the Incahuatana and the Baños de la Princesa (Princess Baths). This site is one of the few places where the Spaniards lost a battle during the conquest.

Salt Mines

The Salt Mine (Salineras), close to the colonial town of Maras, are Pre-Inca . Thousands of salt pans have been used for salt extraction since before the Inca era. A hot spring at the top of the valley discharges a small stream of heavily salt laden water, which is diverted into salt pans and evaporated to produce a salt that is now used for human and animal consumption.

Moray Inca Agricultural Terraces

The stunning Inca site of Moray is also known as “The Greenhouses of the Incas.” Different levels of terraces are carved into a huge bowl, part of which was further excavated by the Incas. The terraces have varied microclimates depending on how deep into the bowl they are placed. It is believed they were used by the Incas to provide the optimal conditions for their crops.


Chinchero is located 30 km. North of Cusco, on a paved road, we reached the town of Chinchero (3,760 meters 12032ft), town of Inca origin who receives custody of Chicón and whose name would originate in the Quechua word sinchi, which means "brave man". In this fabulous place you can visit the impressive Inca terraces, Inca square, the Inca altars, and spectacular colonial temple with views of the mountains and Peruvian highlands. And as an option you can visit one of these families where they will demonstrate skills on textile Alpaca, at the end of this visit if you want you can purchase some souvenirs of alpaca.

We return to Cusco around 6 p.m. to your hotel.


  • Private transportation back and forth.
  • Professional guide.
  • Snacks.
  • Umbrella.


  • Tickets to visit the Inca ruins (partial ticket cost is 70 soles include 4 locations / full ticket cost is 130 soles includes 16 places).
  • Ticket to visit the salt mines of Maras (the cost of the ticket is 10 soles).
  • A cap or hat or something to protect from the sun.
  • Sunblock (factor 35 recommended).
  • A rain jacket or poncho.
  • Jacket for the cold.
  • Water.
  • Camera.

Note: Our tours are organized by Runas Expeditions.


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Price: $230 USD Per group from 1 to 6 people (not per person).
  • 3-4 people: US $58 per person
  • 7-10 people: US $50 per person
  • 11-16 people: US $45 per person


  • Student Discount (only with active green ISIC card): US$25.00
  • Under 18 years will pay as student: US$25.00

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